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Traditional and modern, mixed styles of mooncakes🥮, you can taste it all at once😋

High-value gift box with exquisite mooncake mini box, serve with our freeze dried fruit flower tea, don’t worry about eating too much😍

💯No Preservatives

✔️Less sugar, not greasy after eating 👍


Gift Box Contains 礼盒里面有:

⭐️1 x Black Sesame 黑芝麻
⭐️1 x Purple Potato Milk Mochi 紫薯牛奶麻薯
⭐️1 x Green Tea Shanghai Mooncake 绿茶上海月饼
⭐️1 x Red Bean Shanghai Mooncake 豆沙上海月饼
🎆1 x Thousand Layer Lotus Paste 莲蓉千层酥
🎆1 x Pandan Chicken Floss Egg Yolk Pastry 翡翠鸡丝蛋黄酥

🎆1 x Mooncake Gift Card (provide handwritten message) 中秋贺卡 (提供手写祝贺语)
🎆2 x The Bavaria Freeze Dried Fruit Flower Tea 冻干水果花茶🍵
💕1 x Mooncake Knife & Folk 月饼刀叉🍴
💕1 x Mooncake Handbag 手提袋子🛍️

📌Support FREE multiple shipment, just message us the other addresses


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