The Bavaria Weekdays Booster


The Bavaria Weekdays Booster (Box)– 5 Different Flavours of The Bavaria Fruit Flower Tea + 1 Random Flavour Selected By Us + 1 The Bavaria Box🎁

The Bavaria Weekdays Booster (Without Box)– 5 Different Flavours of The Bavaria Fruit Flower Tea without the box

Get all your essential nutrients to fill up your weekdays!!!

1. Mango Passion Crush 🥭
Taste😋: A combination of sweet and sour taste filled with jasmine aroma.
Benefits💪: Replenish Vitamin A and C, Boost Metabolism and Immune System
Ingredients🥭: Premium Jasmine Tea, Freeze Dried Passion Fruit, Freeze Dried Mango, and Cane Sugar
* Cold Serving Recommended.

2. Peachee Berry🍑
Taste😋: A fruity, and woody flavour coupled with a subtle sweetness.
Benefits💪: Aid in Weight Loss, Support Respiratory and Digestive System, Maintain Mental Alertness
Ingredients🍑: Premium Oolong Tea, Freeze Dried Peach, Freeze Dried Bayberry, and Cane Sugar.
* Cold Serving Recommended.

3. Hoji Melon🍈
Taste😋: A sweet, nutty flavour and roasted aroma with no bitterness and caffeine usually associated with tea.
Benefits💪: Provide Calming and Relaxing Effect, Promote Weight Loss
Ingredients🥭: Premium Hojicha, Premium Lavender, Dried Honey Lemon, Candied Melon, and Cane Sugar.

4. Dragon Hana🌺 (Caffeine Free)
Taste😋: A slightly sour and tart taste with a tangy and fresh scene.
Benefits💪: Aid in Digestive System and Relieve Constipation, Reduce Blood Pressure
Ingredients🥭: Premium Hibiscus Flower, Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit, Sun-Dried Blood Orange, Candied Melon, and Cane Sugar

5. Butterfly Lemon🍋 (Caffeine Free)
Taste😋: A sweet and sour taste with a woody scene.
Benefits💪: Improve Overall Hair and Skin Health, Regulating Blood Sugar Level
Ingredients🥭: Premium Blue Pea Flower, Freeze Dried Lemon, Dried Cranberry, and Cane Sugar

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